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We changed our website address!

New Domain Name

On November 15, 2018, we changed our domain name from to We feel this domain name better aligns with our new legal name (BankFirst, N.A.) and conveys our commitment to community banking in Wisconsin. Additionally, the “.bank” extension provides enhanced security measures and meets strict verification requirements that will reduce the risk of cyber threats.

Why .bank?

A .bank domain name provides great protection against phishing, the #1 cyberattack and starting point of most breaches. As a verified domain, exclusively for the banking community, .bank is a more secure space for online banking and communication. A web or email address ending in .bank quickly and easily confirms for customers and employees that they are communicating and transacting with Bank First, and not a phisher or a spoofed site. A .bank domain is a visual cue anyone can look for and recognize, an online stamp of trust that will give you confidence in our online banking platform, and help protect us from bad actors collecting data for breaches, financial fraud and identity theft.

How will you be impacted?

You will see no material change in your banking relationship as a result of our new legal and domain names. We will have a redirect on our current website to the new, which means you will automatically be linked to the new web address if you are still using our old one. Although this redirect will guide you to our new web address, it will only last for approximately one year. As such, we ask that you become familiar with our new domain name format. A great way to start is by adding our new domain name,, to your favorites list in your browser.

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