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Business Online Banking

New! An enhanced Business Online Banking experience is here!

Cash flow is the lifeblood of all business. Our new version of Business Online Banking is designed to make managing your cash, payables, and receivables easier than ever.

More advanced tools to better manage your business

Yes, it’s a fresh, new look. One that translates perfectly from your desktop or laptop to your tablet. Behind that new look, you’ll find the same powerful banking software you rely on - with important new features:

First time log on

Use the same credentials as before. If you are currently using a token, then follow the same procedures. New tokens are not required.

When will the new Business Online Banking be available?

Beginning March 13, you’ll automatically access the latest version of Business Online Banking when you log on. There’s no software to install.

Will all of my information be available?

Yes. All of your information, reports, templates, and user settings from the previous version of Business Online Banking are automatically installed and ready to use.

Are soft tokens required to log into Business Online Banking?

No, not all users are required to use a soft token. Tokens are required if certain features are used within online banking, for example ACH Manager, Wire Manager, or Remote Capture.

I currently have a hard token. How will the new soft tokens work?

Once you download and activate the free token app you will no longer need to carry a token with you. Each time you log on, or transfer money, a one-time password will be securely sent to your mobile device with the app installed.

How secure are soft tokens?

Very secure. They provide you with a unique, one-time passcode each time you log on to Business Online Banking, to complete the transfer of funds, and other key transactions.

How do I sign-up for soft tokens?

Contact us at (920) 652-3515.

If you have questions about any of our business services, please contact Rachel at (920) 652-3204 or Derek at (920) 652-3117.

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